For jobs that are performed onsite at your facility, you can normally expect your calibration certificates to be available within 2 to 5 business days after the completion of the work (depending on the size of the job & service level required). For jobs that are performed in-house at our laboratory, calibration certificates are available at the time the item is ready for us to courier back to you, or for you to pick it up. For the easiest, quickest access to your calibration records, ask about our online calibration records database – CalView™.

Wescan has three levels of service for day-to-day calibration needs: With Data, Without Data, and ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited. Our standard, default service is quoted With Data. Please click here to get more detail about our service levels.

Wescan primarily provides calibration & metrology services. While our focus is not on the repair of test & measurement equipment, we do have the ability to perform basic adjustments and minor repair / maintenance on some types of equipment. If your instrument is showing obvious damage, or is in disrepair and you feel it may require a repair, please call us prior to sending the equipment in.

Pre-scheduled jobs are guaranteed* to begin their calibration service on the agreed upon date provided the equipment is delivered to Wescan no later than 3:00pm on the afternoon preceding the pre-scheduled calibration date. For onsite jobs, our technician will attend your facility on the agreed upon date to begin your calibration service there.

Generally, pre-scheduled calibrations are completed in a 2-3 day time frame dependent on the number and nature of items submitted at a time. Our Customer Care team will be able to give you an estimated turn time when you are pre-scheduling your calibration.

When you contact us to pre-schedule your calibration service, our Customer Care team will listen to your requirements and consider the availability of our technicians and measuring standards to find appointment options that provide your company with the fastest turnaround. And faster turnaround on your calibrations means less downtime in your organization!

Yes! Wescan offers onsite calibration services on many types of equipment. Most torque, pressure, DC low frequency electrical, and some temperature / humidity & dimensional tool calibrations can be performed onsite at your location, either in our temperature controlled, Mobile Laboratory (BC laboratory only), or inside your facility (BC and AB laboratories – onsite capabilities vary). A minimum amount of equipment is required to book an onsite calibration service appointment. Travel / Set-up charges may apply. Click here to learn more about Wescans’ services.

Wescan accepts payment via major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & Amex), Interact Debit, or current-dated cheque.

In most cases, we are unable to determine whether something passes or fails without performing a full calibration. We must still spend the same time, follow the same procedure, and provide the same reporting no matter whether an instrument is within or outside specification. Instruments that fail calibration receive calibration certificates and data just as an instrument that passes does. The exception is if an instrument is inoperable on receipt.

Informing customers that their equipment is out of specification (fails) is just as important as telling customers that their equipment is within specification (passes).

The purpose of calibration is to determine whether an instrument is performing (measuring) within its optimum specification(s), or not. Wescan measures your instrument against a known standard to determine whether its readings are consistent, accurate, reliable, and within prescribed specifications.

When an instrument is found to fail certain functions, but still fall within specification on an adequate number of other functions to render the tool still partially of use, we can assign it a Limited Calibration.

Accompanying your instrument you will receive a calibration certificate that indicates special Limited Notes indicating on which parameters the instrument is suitable for use, and on which aspects it falls outside specifications and should not be used.

Wescan technicians will always contact you prior to issuing a Limited Calibration to discuss the nature of the fault(s) so you can determine whether a Limited Calibration will suit your needs, or if we will instead need to Reject the instrument.

No, we do not sell equipment or parts for equipment of any kind. Wescan provides calibration & metrology services for your test & measurement equipment only.

No, in most cases we are not able to accommodate drop-in service. Pre-Scheduling will ensure you receive the fastest possible turnaround on your equipment and we are often able to provide an expedited service in emergency situations. Contact us and we will work with you to find a solution for your specific situation.

No, unfortunately we do not keep readings for “no data” calibrations. To receive the data, the equipment would have to be re-calibrated.

Yes, we can provide these in most cases, and at an additional time & charge. Accredited Calibration Certificates require data with calculation of uncertainties included.

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