Wescan Calibration Services Becomes Part of the Largest Independent Canadian-Owned Calibration Company

Pylon Electronics Acquires Wescan

We are excited to announce that Wescan Calibration has been acquired by Pylon Electronics and has become part of what is now the largest independent Canadian-owned calibration company.

All the Wescan personnel you are used to working with have stayed on after the acquisition; Management, Support and Technical personnel, so you can expect the services, support, responsiveness and technical excellence you are used to from all these folks.

Pylon acquired Wescan along with JEM Precision to offer a true coast-to-coast solution for all customers across the country, allowing all of our laboratories to source unique capabilities and expertise.

What does this mean for Wescan customers? Everyone will benefit from this increase in resources and knowledge from other facilities. Wescan is now part of a network of labs in Richmond (BC), Calgary (AB), Edmonton (AB), Ottawa (ON), Toronto (ON), and Halifax (NS).

“It was the right time to expand”, said Jim Mullins, Vice President and General Manager of Pylon Electronics. The Calibration business is changing, and Pylon is focused on growth. Wescan and JEM are a good fit for Pylon and offer great synergy – accredited labs, complimentary capabilities, and businesses that are focused on the customer and providing great service. With labs in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Richmond, we look forward to leveraging our many years of experience and helping customers with their calibration needs across the country.”

Pylon proudly provides quality calibration services with accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, actively participates in the calibration community and is committed to providing outstanding customer satisfaction.

For more information, please visit www.pylonelectronics.com

In addition to its regular calibration services Pylon also has an Instrument Division and is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of precision radon measurement and detection instruments that are sold worldwide. Pylon offers traceable calibration services using our radon and thoron chambers for many radon detection devices from a variety of OEM’s.

For more information, please visit www.pylonelectronics-radon.com